How to Fix Slow Video Streaming on Windows 10

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Lots of people have experienced intense frustration due to slow video streaming on Windows 10. If you’re in the same boat, you should know that there are some effective ways to stop the annoyingly low speeds, as well as any freezing and stuttering issues. Today, we’re going to show you how to fix slow video streaming on Windows 10.

While results will vary based on a range of factors, there are different strategies to try and one of them may be perfect for you!

Let’s begin with some tips which come from the team at Microsoft.

Microsoft’s tech wizards recommend installing Windows updates as soon as they are available. As you probably already know, you’ll need to restart your computer after the updates are installed. Take a look at the System & Security part of your system and see if the updates are installing correctly. If there is a problem, use the troubleshooting service n order to diagnose it and correct it. You need those updates! The contain patches and plenty of other goodies which sometimes positively impact video streaming speed for Windows 10.

Another option is pressing the “Windows” key, plus the “R” key, on the screen of your desktop. Pressing both buttons at one time will open the command box. When you’re in the Command Box, type in “devmgmet.msc” and then press the Enter button.

Upgrading Video Codecs Is Recommended

Another relatively simple way to stop the problem is to upgrade your video players. For example, upgrade Quick Time player, Adobe Flash Player or whatever else you’ve installed. Other popular video players include Microsoft Silverlight and DivX Web Player.

Sometimes, video streaming products which are installed via the Web have bugs or other faults. These may trigger issues with video streaming performance. So, grab the latest versions!

Also, make a point of checking to see if the versions that you’ve installed are compatible with your operating system.

Keep The Graphics Driver Updated

Your graphics card driver should be kept up-to-date. This is really important. If you’re having problems with slow video streaming on Windows 10, be sure to update your graphics driver right away. You may do so by going to the “device manager” in order to access the newest graphics card driver made by Microsoft. If you’ve never updated this type of driver, be patient. The process may take awhile.

Correct Your Video Streaming Problem Today

Hopefully, these tips will give you some direction as you prepare to tackle slow video streaming on Windows 10. This problem is something that a lot of Windows 10 users have complained about. Most have managed to solve their problems by using the tips that we’ve discussed today. If you follow all of these tips, you should notice better video streaming performance. While some of our tips are more labor-intensive than others, all are well worth a try.

Usually, there is a link between driver problems and video streaming problems for Windows 10. So, keep this in mind as you prepare to solve the problem.


The Beginners Gold IRA Rollover Guide

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A gold sponsored IRA is one of the least complicated and most secure methods for contributing your cash. It is productive, safe, and yields high return in the more extended run. In any case, it is a typical presumption that putting resources into valuable metals IRA is a confounded and protracted procedure.

The accompanying 4-stage process clarifies and manages you the entire method required in contributing a Gold IRA, from opening a self-guided individual retirement record to purchasing gold from a merchant.

1. Open Your Self-Directed IRA

The initial phase in contributing is to open a self-coordinated IRA. The way toward opening such a record includes nothing more entangled than finishing application. The new record is opened within two business days of getting the application, contingent upon the caretaker approaches and strategies.

2. Fund Your IRA

The procedure is entirely straightforward and snappy on the off chance that you are subsidizing your new IRA by explicitly exchanging the cash through a wire exchange. Then again, if you are trading your retirement stores by a rollover, for example, a 401k to gold ira rollover, or an immediate exchange, you will be required to counsel with your caretaker to guarantee that you finish all the essential strides included. Contingent upon the strategies and techniques of your caretaker, the procedure, may take a few days to weeks. In this way, it is critical to consider the time spent here when arranging a venture.

3. Select a Storage Depository

Before acquiring gold from an affirmed merchant, the record holder must choose a safe where their advantages will be put away. Each overseer, for the most part, has a rundown of their partnered stockpiling stores. In any case, a client can only rollover their assets to another caretaker on the off chance that they don’t offer stockpiling alternatives of their decision.

4. Buy Gold from an Approved Dealer

When you have moved your assets into your new Gold IRA, you can answer the inquiry why gold purchase? By putting resources into gold bullion and gold coins from a reliable and IRS-endorsed merchant.

On fulfillment of these five stages, gold is ascribed to your self-coordinated individual retirement account in a safe for protection, and you are prepared to appreciate the advantages of putting resources into valuable metals.


Top 5 Gold IRA Companies in the US

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Here is a portion of the top gold IRA organizations in the US:

Regal Assets


Glorious Assets offers customers wellbeing, security, and insurance of their retirement ventures. They are the primary organization in the business that utilizations Brinks store, which is one of the most secure in the whole world. They have gotten 1,000′s of sparkling surveys from currently fulfilled clients on, Business Consumer Alliance, and on their site. Their organization notoriety is first class.



APMEX, some time ago known as American Precious Metals Exchange, Inc., is an online valuable metal merchant who was established in 1999 by Scott Thomas in Edmond, Oklahoma. The organization under audit, was propelled in 2003 with the end goal of internet exchanging valuable metal coins and bars.

JM Bullion


JM Bullion is situated in Dallas, TX in 2011. It is an online retailer that supplies singular financial specialists with physical gold and silver items at the most minimal costs conceivable. The organization expresses that client administration is a need and need to offer their customers with the most minimal costs on bullion and coins.

Rosland Capital


Rosland Capital was established in 2005 and is a valuable metal resource firm situated in Santa Monica, California and purchases, offers, and exchanges all the prominent types of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and different valuable metals, including numismatic coins.

Advantage Gold


Advantage Gold is a gold IRA organization that was established in 2014 and situated in Los Angeles, CA. They spend significant time in changing over your current IRA or qualified 401(K) into gold or different valuable metals as per their site.

Their promise is to teach and guide their customers all through the whole exchange process. When you turn into a client of theirs, you are a customer forever.


We Rate The Best Laptop For Day Trading

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In exchanging the money related markets, the three most essential laptop qualities that are fundamental for a broker are dependability, show screen size, and performance. Portable workstations have ended up ubiquitous among brokers of the securities exchanges worldwide, and the particular pattern is that numerous monetary merchants are changing from utilizing conventional desktop PCs to tablets and versatile workstations. The accompanying tablets have been picked mostly taking into account their equalization of execution, expense and consistent quality for a stock dealer:

15-inch MacBook Pro


The MacBook Pros are super sturdy, have a simple to utilize OS, and the retina show gives the screen astonishing clarity. The aluminum case is pleasant for individuals who are on the go and don’t have any desire to stress over if their PC gets thumped around a bit. OS X Mountain Lion is anything but difficult to utilize and is ideal for individuals that simply need their PC to work without bother. The 15-inch screen is a decent size for movability and still sufficiently extensive to see all that you need.

Acer Aspire V5 Series


The Acer Aspire V5 Series is a part of the new touch screen tablet family. Not at all like having a laptop with a console, these touch screen portable workstations have the full capacities of some other mobile workstation phone. It’s straightforward and quick to switch between applications, move things around and sort out with your fingertips. The Windows 8 working framework highlights the new tile style, permitting you to sort out your applications and different screens all in one space. It accompanies up to a 15.6-inch display, so you don’t lose size for having a touch screen. You can flip the screen around and just have the screen out which makes utilizing it a great deal less demanding if you would prefer not to have an open tablet before you.

Asus Zenbook UX51VZ


The Asus Zenbook highlights a unibody aluminum case, super thin plan, and incredible equipment. This tablet is extraordinary for merchants that travel yet at the same time need something productive with an expansive screen. The UX51VZ model has a pleasant 15.6-inch screen with a non-lustrous completion which makes it less demanding to use in splendid light. This makes it flawless to utilize anyplace. You could even exchange at the shoreline! It likewise highlights a number cushion close by the console for those of you that are accustomed to having a number cushion on your desktop console. Be that as it may, the numbers are pretty packed together on the number cushion because there’s private so much room.

HP Pavilion Series


In case you’re searching for something that functions admirably, looks decent however doesn’t murder your wallet, a PC like those in the HP Pavilion Series is great. Regardless they have proper elements like up to 15.6-inch screens and 7.25 hours of battery life, yet all these laptops are great value under $400! You won’t get the fantastic stuff like an aluminum external shell however for the easygoing portable workstation dealer that simply needs their machine to work you can’t turn out badly.